So today on the ride home from Miami my friend sat right next to me to google this myth. I felt highly disrespected (not really but she knows she could’ve asked me) I have done this was all I said. Does it work? Yes it does but like everything else that you attempt you will only get results if your consistent. Ill break that down a little bit further. The uncomfortable feeling you feel get used to it. Consistency is key. If you’d like to try it the way I did, email me for my tips to plastic wrapping.


So it’s about time to start posting daily tips for lifestyle changes! Ladies and gents, have a tip? Email me let me try it out for 2 months then ill post it. I won’t tell you to try some thing I’m not sure is efficient in yielding results! Love you guys let have fun and get sexy!

Many have come up to me to simply ask what’s my secret to my weight loss. Truthfully, there really is no secret. Through crazy yet fun changes to my life and diet I was able to see results. This blog isn’t just for me to showcase my progress but to help hopefully motivate and inspire you to slim down your sexy like I did. So please join me as both you and I continue to get right and tight! Yessssssss gawd! 🙂